Winter Tires

Dignity Auto has a deal you cant say no to! Tires on rims? $40 to switch from winter to summers!!! Tires not on rims $80 to switch from winter to summers!!! cant resist a deal like this!!!! call in today the snow starts coming and doesn’t stop!


Don’t fall off iced up Canadian roads

Driving on iced roads

  1. Accelerate and decelerate your vehicle slowly – Take your time with how you operate your car. On an ice road this could be the difference between life and death.
  2. Drive slowly– Measure rather it is better to arrive to work late or not at all!
  3. Know your brakes– How long is it going to take for your breaks to come to a complete stop?
  4. Don’t stop if you can avoid it – With the exceptions of stop lights and stop signs of course.
  5. Don’t power up hills– The road is iced meaning if you power you could slide right back down and risk drivers’ lives near you.
  6. Don’t stop going up a hill– If you are part way up, there is no room to turn back up an iced hill roadway.
  7. Stay home– Sometimes staying home is better than risking the ride.


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How winter effects your vehicle

Winter sux.jpg

Winter is a tough season, when the cold season begins so do a lot of other problems. First of all it is cold season, people coming in to work sick and getting you sick. YUCK! Next people are leaving their winter coats everywhere. Even though it is winter and you feel like you sometimes can barely see the road. Your kids have you driving all over the place.

Your car doesn’t need to be a problem in the winter.

Here are some problems in the winter you can look to have repaired with a free Dignity Repairs consultation and affordable repair services.

Tire issue

  • When the temperature drops below seven degrees it causes all season tires to lose grip.

Oil issue

  • Oils thicken when cold. Try heating up your vehicle before trying to run a start. This will avoid damage to the vehicle.

Engine issues

  • Your engine runs the least efficiently during the 20 minutes you start it up in the cold. Try leaving the engine started for 20 minutes before setting the heater to go so your vehicle starts more efficiently


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