Top automotive trends from an automotive expert

Written by Umair Baig

Automotive Trends

Automobiles are constantly improving. Safety features are continually being upgraded. Acceleration is becoming quicker. There are few changes and trends on the horizon that will completely change the way you drive. Here are the five top automobile trends:

  • Personalization: Because of complex algorithms and software, cars are becoming much more personalized. Basically, cars will adapt and understand their driver’s preference and habits. This will make driving much safer and easier than ever before.
  • Algorithms for everything: From car insurance to car sales, everything will have an algorithm. For example, your specific driving abilities and the area you live in will be used to analyze the cost of your insurance premium. Basically, everything will become a lot more personalized to you and your vehicle.
  • Ethernet in your car: Soon, you will be able to watch movies and television in your cars, thanks to the emergence of the Ethernet in automobiles. Also, this feature is imperative to safety as well. Cars will be able to collect and process data from radars and cameras, in order to handle automatic safety features, such as automatic braking.
  • Sharing Information with Car Manufacturers: Soon enough, your vehicle will be able to report back detailed information about real-life driving incidents. For example, car manufacturers will be able to monitor how your vehicle dealt with black ice, and will look to improve the car’s capability based on this information.
  • Security: Vehicles are becoming more and more secure and safe for your vehicle. Vendors are now offering extremely secure vehicles, with their security levels being similar to your home or office.

We are always up to date with the current automobile trends. There is a lot of fun stuff in the future, and we just cannot wait.


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How to change coolant in your vehicle?

  1. Open the radiator cap – Careful the liquid from this is extremely toxic to your dogs or cats.
  2. Find T Shaped bolt– Under the front view of the car look to the bottom of the radiator and find a T shaped bolt or small plug.
  3. Get 2 pans to capture the toxic liquids– The pails must be big enough to hold roughly five gallons.
  4. Place the pails beneath Radiator
  5. Allow the liquids to drain in to the pails.
  6. You also need to drain your engine block
  7. Instead of finding the plugs you can keep the drain cocks open
  8. Turn off the vehicle, close the drain cock, and fill the radiator and overfill part to the proper level
  9. Look out for air pockets
  10. Replace cap on the radiator
  11. Be sure to do this as often as needed.

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When to replace these parts of your engine!

Hello and welcome to Dignity Repairs website & blog. As many people know vehicle maintenance can be a tricky art sometimes. It can also be expensive to keep your vehicle (baby) in good shape.  In today’s blog we are going to discuss some signs that you need to have parts of your vehicle replaced.

Drive Belt

Replacing a Drive Belt

A drive belt is the rubber belt that connects and loops around pulleys on the your car’s engine and is located at the front of the engine. This also controls other aspects of the vehicle such as the cooling system and battery charging.

When does it need replacing? Either you will hear noises from it telling you to replace it. Or you will see the Drive Belt loosening or with cracks on it. Those are all good signs that you probably should replace your Drive Belt.


Alternator & Battery

When does your Alternator & Battery need replacing? If your car is not turning over or your accessories are not powering on. Chances are the Alternator Battery is the culprit and it is time to replace it.

What is the alternator? The Alternator works with your battery to power parts of your vehicle. The alternator is found near the front of the engine.

What is the battery? The battery is a large black box found at the front of your vehicle engine. It is connected to positive and negative terminals.



Brake pads

When do your Brake pads need replacing? If you hear a squeal when you apply your breaks. It is time to replace your break pads.

What are the break pads? The break pads are the part of the vehicle which apply frictional force to bring your car to a stop. In warning there is a squealing sound when you apply the breaks and the pads are worn down.

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