3 signs an auto-mechanic is going to rip you off

Dignity repairs


Welcome to our virtual space for Dignity Repairs some of our specialities partially include Car washes and auto repairs. At Dignity Repairs we recognize that not all auto mechanics do what is best for the customer. Let us face it some mechanics think they can rip off the customers especially if they are LGBTQ or female. They assume that the customers know nothing about cars, repair and engine maintenance.

  1. The auto shop only offers repairs– If an auto shop only offers repairs they need to inflate their costs to cover overhead, pay hourly wages and their advertising fees.Which creates an inflated costs which is the last thing an automotive owner needs in this day. At Dignity Repairs we offers a multiple of services and businesses under one roof, so that we can better pay our overhead. We also can offer a flat fee to save the customer money in the long run process.
  2. The mechanic only talks to a man– Yes sadly some scam sale tactics are sexist.  By putting forward a communication style that only speaks with the man who is also in the auto shop. They present a hyper masculine and gruff sales style which says “The man is the only one who can understand vehicles.” In the meantime they probably know that to be false then rip him off anyways. By the way if anyone is sexist in an auto shop you should probably walk out because it is disrespectful and they are unprofessional.
  3. Straying from price– They quote you a lower price, then tell you something different after inspection for the same service. Also if the auto mechanics charge for inspection they are probably going to overcharge you.  At Dignity Repairs we do not charge for the inspection because we want to do what is best for your the customer. You may want to ask your possible mechanic why they charge for your inspection and why they are not more happy to be receiving your business.

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Our Mechanic and Technicians are Licensed , Highly Trained, experienced, caring , knowledgeable and professional

At Dignity Repairs we want you to drive with Dignity. Please connect with us below on social media. We have a Facebook page, Twitter page and this WordPress website which you can subscribe to. Happy driving everyone.


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